Though it had been hoped that the constriction coefficient would eliminate the need for velocity clamping, standard PSO with velocity clamping (i.e. “E&S”) performed more consistently than both Type 1 and Type 1” without velocity clamping.  Approaches other than Type 1", Type 1, and E&S were highly inconsistent and therefore are not worth mentioning.  Standard PSO with velocity clamping provided more consistent performance than the constriction models. (more info)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

After experimenting with various FIPS topologies, Mendes, Kennedy, and Neves wrote, "The very worst FIPS conditions in the study were the UAll and All topologies, where the particle is truly fully informed, gathering information from every single member of the population. The best were the Ring and Square versions, where the particle has three and five neighbors (counting itself), respectively, plus their U-versions, which subtract one" [1]. Therefore, using a literally fully informed model would probably not be the best approach unless more recent research suggests doing so. (more info)

Question 1: Does the PSO Research Toolbox implement FIPS?

Q2: Why doesn’t the PSO Research Toolbox implement the constriction models?

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